Ampking is the leading manufacture in battery and accessories in the world. Powerful and Safety are the first priorities we strive for.

Ampking is a Hong Kong based international company leading in design, manufacture, sales and marketing of rechargeable lithium ion/polymer battery cells and related battery packs and systems. Our lithium battery products are widely used in consumer electronics products like laptop computers, smart/cellular phone, digital media players, digital cameras and camcorders, cordless tools, electronic cigarette device and numerous favors of IT gadgets.



Ampking is supplying lithium ion/polymer battery solutions for consumer electronics markets, to devices like laptop computers, smart/cellular phones, digital media players, digital cameras and camcorders, and numerous favors of IT gadgets. Ampking provides full turnkey services including customized engineering design, prototyping, system integration advices, safety approvals and high volume mass productions. No matter what the requirements, Ampking has solutions for both mature and innovative applications. Ampking’s unique lithium polymer battery technology offers outstanding advantages to this market like flexible footprints, flexible capacity, light weight and low profile. Ampking lithium ion/polymer batteries are offered in various formats ranging from bare cells, to cells with protection circuit and to sophisticated battery packs.

To be an international premier innovative technology corporation, rooted in the Chinese culture, excelling in the global green energy industry, while endeavoring to enrich the lives of our employees

Aims to be a premier solution provider for green energy storage




Ampking welcomes talented people around the world, internship and long-term positions are available, if you are interested in our company, you can join us here:


Design is not just what it looks like.


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Ampking is leading the lithium ion battery industry with high power density. High power density means high instantaneous power can be delivered in the same unit volume of battery. This reduces the size of the battery and hence size of the product incorporating it. Ampking utilizes high grade raw materials, intelligent battery cell design and precise manufacturing processes to achieve the industry leading high power density.

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Lithium ion battery is by far most widely recognized environmental friendly chemistry. It does not contain any harmful metals like mercury or lead. Furthermore, there are well established recycling facilities or organization in developed countries working hard to recycle used lithium ion battery. Most of the precious or industrial metals can be recycled from used lithium ion batteries.

Intelligen Battery Pack Desin

In general, lithium ion battery cells need to be packaged with specific protection circuits and charging circuits before they can be put to use in products. In more complicated systems, more sophisticated functionalities like monitoring, management and/or communication is need to ensure a proper and reliable usage. Such kind of add-on functionalities is often referred as battery pack or packaging. Very often, the design of battery pack is customized in according to the characteristics of the battery cells. No one else knows the characteristics of its battery cells better than Ampking. We offer industry leading design capability of battery packs for various applications, ranging from simple small single cell application like Bluetooth devices to complex large system application like mega watt level utility grade energy storage system. Ampking always have the right battery pack design services fitting all customer requirements.



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